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Powell Gardens: Missouri Barn Dinner: Kaw Point Meadery/Fox and Pearl


“Game of Thrones” introduced mead, a wine fermented from honey, into popular culture but, throughout history, the drink has been made mostly for home consumption. Now a 20-something group of entrepreneurs have started Kaw Point Meadery, a tasting room featuring mead made from local honey. Sample their semi-sweet Lavender Lemonade, Dry Hopped session, hibiscus and cinnamon-tinged Flowers & Bark and a barrel-aged Trojniak. For this three-course, family-style meal, we asked Vaughn Good, formerly of Hank Charcuterie in Lawrence, to create a honey of a meal you won’t soon forget, enjoyed on the terrace of the Missouri Barn as part of our summer-long Barn Dinner Series. Good will be opening his new Kansas City restaurant Fox and Pearl in September. Daniel Bauer, head brewer and “yeast herder”, will be on hand to lead us through the tastings, providing a unique sneak peek of what their tasting room will offer when it opens later this summer in the Strawberry Hill neighborhood.  

HOST: Jill Silva, Kansas City’s James Beard award-winning food editor and Powell Gardens culinary event planner

COST: $75 per person